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Aging Gracefully

If I had just one wish it would be to live my life in reverse order.

I would start my life at the age of 85. Physically my start would be similar to my infant stage since I would wear diapers and have a short memory. But I'd have a beach house in the Caribbean and I wouldn't have to worry about the sun wrinkling my skin because as I grew younger I would get better looking.

At 65 I would start a career that I enjoyed and would make a difference to others. My life would be busy but productive. I'd use my wisdom to counsel people and help them live a happier life.

Serge Van Kache - Thief of Time
Thief of Time,
by Serge Van Kache

At the age of 45 I would have a mid-life crisis and switch jobs looking for something less demanding. I'd tend bar, still helping others, but in a more relaxed environment.

At 40 I would start a family. My kids would also be born at 85, so I wouldn't have to take care of them for very long. Except for a few diaper changes, they'd be self-sufficient from day one. And they'd be guaranteed to move out of the house before they turned 25.

At 30 I would reflect on my life and all the people I had helped. Content in knowing I'd done well, I'd welcome what was still to come.

At the age of 21 I would be in my prime, feeling great and looking absolutely terrific. Being wiser than my first 21 years, I'd have saved for my future. I'd retire and enjoy my leisure time without financial worries.

As I grew younger, my priorities would change. I would hang out with friends, stay out late and sleep in. At 16 I wouldn't be worried about boys and fast cars because all of that would have been out of my system by then. Movies and video games would be enough excitement.

As the days went on and I got younger, I would spend more time laughing, playing and enjoying life. Eventually I would start to lose my memory, but I would also be less mobile so nobody would have to worry about me wondering off. I would spend the last year of my life totally care-free and would have constant attention from my family.

On my final day loved ones would surround me and I would close my eyes and fall asleep to a beautiful lullaby. Since my family knew what day I would go they would have had lots of time to mourn. So this day would be a celebration of my life. I would die pure and innocent and guaranteed a place in heaven.

Bio: Corinne Comeau is a Cabinetmaker from Cambridge, Ontario. The mother of three small children, she enjoys reading and writing in her spare time. She is very athletic and loves to use her brain as much as possible.

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