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Song and Story: Comets Across the Sky
green line song and story

Janey At Five Below

by Ron Lavalette

Her Own Breath Her Only Halo...

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Make It Count!

by Heather MacKay

A 9-month old baby girl is in a serious condition in hospital after having been raped.
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A Cup of Sugar and a Splash of Bourbon

by Gary Blankenship

... when she conducted for Hank with a cigar, she damned near put Uncle Frank's wife's eye out.
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Fire and Ice

by Dorothee Lang

A reflection about a special place, a little heaven just for women, that can be found in the middle of nearly every city if you just know where to look for it.
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Bored With The Mainstream?

We aim to publish writing that shakes us out of our complacencies, the books are guaranteed to be readable, thought- provoking and impossible to forget.
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by the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan

The women of the world celebrate International Women's Day with spirit and enthusiasm; in Afghanistan women still don't feel safe enough to throw away their wretched burqa shrouds, let alone raise their voices in the thousands in support of freedom and democracy.
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