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by Peggy Z. Lynch

[Alien; click for larger image]
by Jeanne Brickman

Your going is like the dying of a star.
You were here blazing, glorious.

Now that you are gone darkness descends
slowly, with each beat of my heart.

Left bereft, I'm alone with no one to hear.
Loneliness tiptoes in and gloats.

Bio: Peggy Zuleika Lynch is a poet, author, and lecturer in her state of Texas. She received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Texas and MFA from SMU. Her poems have been published in the United States, Italy, India, Canada, and Africa. She has read and lectured in the United States, France, Italy, Switzerland, Canada, and Puerto Rico. The Paris American Academy in France named her Poet Laureate and Permanent Poet-in-Residence. She has been honored with three Pushcart Prize nominations. Her achievements include honors from the World Congress of Poets, the Houston Poetry Fest Literary Arts Award, the Poetry Society of Texas Hilton Ross Greer Outstanding Service Award and the Stephen Gill International Peace Award for Poetry. In 1983 she and her husband, Major General Edmund C. Lynch CO-founded Poetry In The Arts, Inc. promoting poetry, music and art. Often requested to write poetry book reviews, forwards and book jacket endorsements, she includes many in her Poetry In The Arts' Internet Newsletter Section called Peeking at Books on the Shelf.

Lynch has authored 8 books of poetry, co-authored 6 additional poetry books and CO-edited 15 anthologies, among them From Hide and Horn. She is listed in the Vista Who's Who of North American Poets and Who's Who: Autobiographical Sketches of Poets, Writers and Publishers, Write Now Books.

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