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[Lessons For Little Girls]
by Christine L. Reed

[Venus Deconstructed; click for larger image]
"Venus Deconstructed"
by Lucinda Marshall

Barbie, you
hop down the aisle
for the 37th time.
No shoes, your hair
knotted and
ink stains on your dress.
You say "I do" again,
a drunken whore,
with no underwear.
When you get home
Skipper can
hold back your hair
while you relieve yourself
of lunch, quick,
before the next tea party.
Ken takes the keys,
the Corvette veers,
taking with it bits
of Dream House lawn.
He goes to work
with his mouth shut
and hopes
you never find out
he's gay.

* previously published by Conspire

Bio: Christine L. Reed is the editor and publisher of Maelstrom, and runs her own cleaning service whilst being a mom and writing from time to time. More of her work is forthcoming in Rosebud, The Silt Reader and Poetry Motel.

Contact Christine at

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