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[Medusa Blinked]
by Daniel Hotard

[Medusa; click for larger image]
by Camille Claudelle
(compliments of
Wendy Koenigsmann)
"Je me rappelle avec grand plaisir nos réunions
dans l'atelier de Rodin. Camille Claudel était là.
Son génie farouche éclatait dans ses yeux bleu sombre."
Mathias Morhardt, lettre du 7 décembre 1929

She who through the monotone moonlight wandered,
Sure of step, her horrible eyes fixed forward,
Moved through city streets just to leave them lifeless,
Teeming with statues.

Waiting calmly, watching her turn to face me,
Gazes meeting, secretly I was eager
When through hers my irises sparkled darkness,
Spared and yet baptized.

Bio: Daniel is writing a doctoral thesis on the poetry of Stéphane Mallarmé at the Université de Paris IV - la Sorbonne. He is resident cultural director of the Fondation des Etats-Unis in Paris. The Cité internationale universitaire de Paris recently awarded him its 2002 Poetry Prize.

Contact Daniel at

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