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the human element of overpopulation; by nicole givens kurtz
There are currently 6,251,646,097 billion people on the Earth according to the US Census Bureau. Overpopulation is not a new topic in today's forums, but it is one that is often shelved or placed aside for further discussion.

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half a house; by sue steinhilber
Early this morning I sat on my bicycle waiting for my house to come back to Negril. The sun had just risen and the sunrise had been magnificent, blessing the day and the return of my home. Over two months ago my gigolo husband and his rich American girlfriend had loaded it on a truck whilst I was at work and taken it to her land in Brighton. Last week the judge in the Family Court had ordered that he cut it in half and carry one room back to me in Negril.

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daddy's little girl; by ashley e. underell
I remember the time when I rolled my suitcase away from my father's rented house we had shared for one year. I was twenty-eight. With each step I took part of my heart fell away and cracked. I had my entourage carrying my tears as we walked away to pack the last of my belongings into the car and drive away. I did not know if I would ever speak to my father again after that day.

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portrait of helena sigueira torres; by glenn cheney
Helena Sigueira Torres, a storyteller of some renown, lives in an ancient house in S“o GonÁalo do Rio das Pedras. A German woman from S“o Paulo came to hear her stories, some of which she then published in Germany in a very fancy book of the world's fairy tales. Three women came from the state of Goi·s to hear stories for a research project. Someone came from DivinŰpolis, MG, to gather stories she could tell to patients in a nursing home. I went to hear stories about her life.

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