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The Friction to Grow

by Jasmin Cori

Life provides us with countless opportunities to grow; many of these take the form of hardships. It is much like the butterfly that must struggle to break out of the cocoon. If the cocoon is prematurely opened, the butterfly doesn't mature properly and cannot fly. Hardships help us become "hardy," ready for the world. Yet not every hardship serves us this way. Just as there are "good hurts" and "bad hurts", there are good hardships and bad hardships. The good hardships help wake us up; they help strengthen us so that we can break out of that cocoon.

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Spiritual Backpack

by Ralph Carpio

Remember your simplicity: That's one of the most powerful and valuable things you can do for yourself. In a world where everything can seem to be completely overwhelming, remembering and using your simplicity can be a sure and steady guide. Does life have to be inherently complicated? I know that when something, anything, becomes too complicated, I tune out. That's because I am looking for effectiveness, and effectiveness comes when things are simplified. I desire guidance and instruction that will be of actual, practical use to me and will benefit me. With that in mind, I want you to consider going through life with a spiritual backpack.
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Moms Are People Too

by R. Ambardar

At times, I thought of my friend Sherri, a single mom, who was working full time and going to school to earn her bachelor degree. She would only find time to talk to her children during car rides to the motel her parents owned, where she worked weekends to help support herself and her children. When she had to work late on campus, she would call her children and give them instructions on making spaghetti. From her experience I learnt that hardships too came with levels of hierarchy, and that I'd better be thankful for what I had.
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SPIRIT: A Woman's Journal and Guide to Discovering and Nurturing Her Spirit

by Paula Ezop

SPIRIT is a journal and guide that will help you get in touch with your spirit. When you actively take part in creating your spirit journal from SPIRIT's suggested ideas, your journal will live and breathe, your journal will become a part of you, and your journal will become your creation, your insight, and your inspiration.

SPIRIT is divided into five steps: Step 1--Finding God; Step 2--Asking God for Help and Guidance; Step 3--Growing in Spirit; Step 4--Using the Force, Using the Power; and Step 5--Spirit Forever. These five steps will be published in Inspirations in three installments: Step 1 in the Fall 2002 issue; Step 2 and Step 3 in the Winter 2002 issue; and Step 4 and Step 5 in the Spring 2003 issue.
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