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Enjoying Nature at Sauble Falls

By Ronna Kingsley

When our province legalized toplessness for women, I was sure we were headed for a revolution on our beaches. Now, we had the whole beach to ourselves and I thought about my children's view of the female body, my own attempt to teach them the true nature of a woman's breast and about the right for all people to make choices they are comfortable with. With bravery, self-indulgence and a bit of self-confidence. I took off my bathing suit top.
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Kleenex and Play Money

By Lisa Browning

I pondered my mother's obsession with Kleenex. She keeps it everywhere -- full boxes in dresser drawers, closet shelves and garbage cans, and crumpled up individual sheets in every pocket of all her clothing. When we first noticed her forgetting things we assumed it was a normal part of the aging process. But then the hallucinations started.
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Well Furnished with Love

By Julia Rosien

I began motherhood as a cradle, waddling through my pregnant days. I rocked and swayed while my baby tumbled and tossed in its cozy cocoon. "Maybe our characters resemble furniture," I thought. After their births, I became their crib. As they grew, I became their footstool, ladder, and sometimes their love seat. Now that I think of it, I'm the daughter of a workbench and I'm married to a bookcase.
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My Life With An Eating Disorder

By Lori Henry

My bulimia didn't begin on a specific date or even a specific year. By concentrating on food I could block out what I could not deal with. I built walls of protection and layers of caution, slowly shifting from being interested in keeping fit, to being obsessed with losing weight. While I tried to achieve the perfect body, people became blank faces. I finally realized I did not have a life, I had an eating disorder.
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