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Brokenhearted vs. Broken-Lusted by Shanidar Cabaraban
He walks away, in the rain, behind the shadows of the night, and you remain rooted from where you stand, and you wonder: How are you supposed to pick up the shattered pieces of your heart strewn all over the pavement?
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Throwing Things Away by Diane E. Dees
When I am gone, what will become of my books? My art? My fountain pens? My own crystal? What will be the fate of my collections of tiny cloisonnČ animals and glass vases? Who will wear my antique jewelry?
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Pithy Observations at Year's End by Marianne Moro
Here are some things that I learned the hard way.
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The Goddess Within: Getting Back in Touch by Jenna Logan
Getting back in touch takes different forms for different people. Here are a few suggestions to help.
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Illuminating Darkness by Anne Kelly-Edmunds
The thesaurus lists "blackness, ignorance, evil and secrecy" as synonyms for darkness. But, are they all equivalent terms? Or, is it that we have been taught to see them that way?
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