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woolen helix; by anne silver; poetry
Come hear the click of aluminum needles
in the knitting circle. Girls in towering clogs,
women with MBAs and tidy satchels
and us plain-clothed hippies
sit in a circle under the moving shade
of nearby high-rises
where we learn and remember how to knit.
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janey at five below; by ron lavalette; song and story
.... her own breath her only halo.
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the friction to grow; by jasmin cori; inspirations
Life provides us with countless opportunities to grow; many of these take the form of hardships. It is much like the butterfly that must struggle to break out of the cocoon. If the cocoon is prematurely opened, the butterfly doesn't mature properly and cannot fly. Hardships help us become “hardy,” ready for the world. Yet not every hardship serves us this way. Just as there are “good hurts” and “bad hurts,” there are good hardships and bad hardships. The good hardships help wake us up; they help strengthen us so that we can break out of that cocoon.
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for monday, turn into a poem; by lisa siemens; rising stars
She says to us, "For Monday, turn in a poem,"
but somehow my hand changes "in" to "into"
and there goes my long weekend.
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throwing things away; by diane e. dees; columns
I recently moved my office, so I had to go through my files and papers and decide what could go to the trash bin or the shredder. Unlike many people, I enjoy this process. Though not a minimalist, I don't like clutter and am always pleased when I can get rid of things. The phrase “a place for everything and everything in its place” has real meaning to me.
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well furnished with love; by julia rosien; inner voices
I began motherhood as a cradle, waddling through my pregnant days. I rocked and swayed while my baby tumbled and tossed in its cozy cocoon. “Maybe our characters resemble furniture,” I thought. After their births, I became their crib. As they grew, I became their footstool, ladder, and sometimes their love seat. Now that I think of it, I'm the daughter of a workbench and I'm married to a bookcase.
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