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Song and Story: Comets Across the Sky
song and story
Courage by Susan Persons Uecker
After her daily workouts, she came in to shower. Each day, the older woman discovered a little more. She learned the unspoken rule. Eyes averted, no conversation wanted. Smile and direct eyes, okay to talk. She kept her eyes averted.
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Translation: It's in the Way it Moves by Jennifer Liddy

Translating poetry is serious business and not to be taken lightly. Your job as translator is to not only pass the meaning of the poem into another language, but to respect and honor its spirit.
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Purdah by Richard Meyers

Abdul goes to his room, collecting his things: prayer beads, lungis, the red dye for the time he will grow a beard. It is getting later. "Almost everything is prepared." He thinks, "Almost." He waits, listening to the ticking of the clock in the hallway. He waits until the silence comes.
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For Love of Herbs by Dianne DeMink
In Medieval times, isolated villages and multiple languages might have befuddled the unenlightened traveler, but commoner and noble alike understood the message of herbs. Herbs spoke of love in ways that no flower ever would and they sculpted enigmatic music that we still hum today.
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Baby Catcher by Peggy Vincent; Review by Dawn Goldsmith
Peggy Vincent's Baby Catcher: Chronicles of a Modern Midwife breaks old stereotypes that depict midwives as the incompetent, ill trained, mystic spiritualists, granny midwives, old hags trained by witch doctors.
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Lost in London by Maggie Lambert
Near tears, I shivered in the pouring rain in front of Westminster Abbey and wished that I had paid attention. The tour director, I now remembered, said that the bus would leave at 11:20, not that we should meet at that time. After frantically searching the Abbey and nearby streets in vain, I realized the bus had left without me and I was stranded.
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