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inner voices
an angel that i know; by lisa browning
In the summer of 1963, a new family moved into the yellow house on the corner, right next door to ours -- two exceedingly well-groomed little girls, with shoulder-length curls pulled back tightly in elasticized baubles, and crisp pinafores. Although the differences between us seemed insurmountable at first, gradually we all became friends. Elaine and Kathleen's mother found me entirely frustrating though. From the day I pulled all of her carefully placed border plants out by their roots, until the day I locked her oldest daughter in our tool shed for a joke, then forgot to let her out, Mrs. Sutherland would beg, scream and plead with my mother to "tame your child."
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changing classrooms; by sheri mcgregor
Sharing some classroom materials with me, my five-year-old's teacher explained that slowly, first grade curriculum has been pressed into the kindergarten level. Journals once reserved for first grade are now in her classroom, complete with rigid, grid-lined pages the kids must scrawl their beginning writings in. That alone might not be much, but when you figure in the lack of naptime, a once-sacred kindergarten tradition that allowed kids a chance to wind down during their new schedule, and teachers a sanity breather in an otherwise hectic, noise-filled day, it signifies much more. The niceties of kindergarten in an atmosphere that mirrored the nurturing spirit stay-at-home mothers once provided, are slowly waning. But does that mean those homey niceties aren't needed?
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why vegan; by tammy lee marche
Many people have no idea what a Vegan is, and when they do, they don't understand how or why a person would want to be one. People ask me, "Why are you Vegan?" and "How can you stick to such a restrictive diet?" For me, veganism was the realization that all animals, including birds, fish, reptiles and insects, are equal to humans.
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a time to die; by barb chandler
Smitty had taken me into his confidence. I knew he didn't have to tell me the truth, but our relationship was not about lies -- we respected one another too much to not tell the truth. Even though it was against my values, I decided against telling anyone his plans because I knew Smitty was making a rational decision and, I wanted to respect his wishes.
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