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Saul & Shiva
by Marlene Mason
His sweet Tilda left him alone seven years ago, taken away by greedy armies of mutating cells. Greedier than his love for her, his love which could not sustain her, keep her alive, no matter how hard he tried. She had been much younger than him. It was not supposed to be like this, he was supposed to go first. That was the way: the women are left behind to mourn, that is what they do. Not the men. Not him. Saul does not mourn ...more>>


The Day
by Sharsh Brodhurst
Envy had whittled away at Mother leaving in its place the cache of poison, slippery coils of corrupted organ that Laura inwardly feared. Laura had told the Doctors when they came to see Mother that she was scared for her life. The Doctors had nodded and expressed sympathy but said Mother had no capacity for harm. Laura knew better. Mother changed when people were around. She drew on gloves of silken love and wore a Nirvana smile ...more>>


Alien Territory
by C. Glenny
It was a clear evening and the towers now stood out starkly against the metallic blue. As she crossed the green, Karen felt she was entering alien territory. Perhaps she should have left a note for Geoff with the address, in case anything happened. Why should anything happen? She was annoyed with herself - she hated it when people at work talked about the local council housing estate as if it were an urban jungle

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