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I looked outside
the window of time,
across the faceless
of eternity.
I saw you,
yet unborn,
with probing
curious toys,
I watched you
pulsing in deep
hidden darkness
like a wondrous galaxy,
glimpsed your tiny
scarcely a millimeter,
that shall shape
worlds and touch
the face of tomorrow,
resting against your memory-
less head, sleeping
the sleep of hope.
touched to tears,
I have peered
over the shoulder
of God, glimpsed
His fearful hand.
And who shall you be?
You shall be
Sleep your shaping sleep my child
and dream our faces.

Bio: Chuck Rice lives in South Florida with his wife and two of his four sons. He has been published by Florida Atlantic University, Iowa State University and Byline Magazine. His poems have appeared online in the Map Of Austin Poetry. He has poems in anthologies published by Cosmic Trend of Canada, for whom he does reviews of poetry Chapbooks. Cosmic Trend also published "...And I Will Slay All Your Dragons," a Chapbook of Chuck's love poems.

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