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Seasonal Journeys by Katherine Friedrich
walking in the valley
between the summer plum trees
and the purple spikes
of nettles
the encasement of the day
a forgotten shell
just falls away
like the black sheath
of the white softness of seed

and it is smaller than the dust
the feeling that we must
conquer the world
and wear Medusas' heads
on our shields
for if we turn the world to stone
in the unforgiving silence
there will be nothing left to mourn

in the caves so dark within
there is a gleaming eye
a hand that spins
taking us to the other side
our friend and our guide

and sometimes we may fear
what we see when we go there
but that is where the answers are
shadow dancers
like leaves in the fall
we hug the trees
edges of snow along the leaves
and no one can conquer us at all
we are part of the changing world
we feel the seasons
fine-tuning our bodies
the rays of the sun
fall into direct contact
like birds returning from the distance
we know where we are going
when we give ourselves a chance
to breathe
the mist between the trees
and feel the reeds glistening
like spring
hear the faint birdsong
spread our spirits
like wings.
Seed pod by Miki Nilan
"Seed pod",
by Miki Nilan
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