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When the sides blew out
of your purse down near the base-
you know, the dainty black velvet one
with handle strung in luminous white
plastic beads like enormous pearls
and a shoulder strap of soft braided
black rope that reaches to your knee-
everyone told you it could never be fixed, restitched,
or glued so you gave it to me. I held it fast
to the edge of the workbench, one side at a time
using metal clothespin clamps with squeaky springs
and yellow plastic tips that wouldn't scratch
the crushed velvet. Then I eased the failed side
down against the purse base to just the right
position and drove two staples through
the rejoined parts. They hit the sheet metal
clamped beneath the purse and folded like
delicate fingers around the fabric. A sliver
of black tape covered each suture and you
danced off to the ballet, decked out in a frilly
dress, earrings, beads, and lace, beaming.
When your rough play snapped the quarter-inch
leg of a favorite thoroughbred just above the hoof,
where the brown caramel paint turns black,
you left the disfigured toy on my nightstand
above a novel. I found the lost leg, sawed
the head off a thin brass woodscrew,
and filed the blunt end sharp.
I turned the point into the broken leg
using a shredded towel to keep the channel-locks
from crushing its exposed threads. Reunited,
the hoof and leg were set with a black cast
of electricians' tape, lost in the hue and luster
of your healed toy. In your mind
the horse galloped off unharmed
and we never spoke about the need
for tiny plastic bullets.
I tell you all this now so you can see
these aren't just steps in a task,
they're the details
of what a father does for his girl.

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by Sharon J. Roe

Michael A. Rosen writes about the lives of explorers and discoverers, the sciences, tribal religion and visual arts, but most of his writing concerns the relationship of people and place. He has lived the past two years in London with his wife and daughter but spent much of the previous 20 years in Houston, Texas where he organized and particiapted in many poetry and art events. Among these, was an appearance as the Featured Poet at the Houston Poetry Fest in 1999. He also spent several years organizing a reading series for Houston galleries that explored connections between poetry and visual art. Several publications previously accepted or published Mr. Rosen's poems including The Houston Poetry Fest Anthology, Curbside Review and A Poet's Journey. His first book, Inside Passage, was published by Very Old Bones Press in 2000.

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