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spring 2002Modern Machines: Miracle or Menace?
by Julia Rosien

Imagine the luxuries of the twentieth century vanish. Automatic washing machines, microwaves and central heating disappear in an instant. Could you live without amenities such as the telephone, that we so casually take for granted?

Don't Ask, Don't Tell... Of a Different Kind
by Kyle Looby

Sarah's lover shoves her, lies to her, taunts her and criticizes her sexual performance. Sarah puts up with it though, because it usually only happens after a night of drinking, and the good times outweigh the bad. There is nothing unusual in how Sarah's batterer treats her; theirs is, for the most part, a typical domestic abuse situation. But what makes Sarah and her lover different is that they are both women.

Just Say No to Abuse
by Mary C. Legg

Life is not a silent black and white re-run of Charlie Chaplin films. Some are deaf; others have vision limited to shadows and restricted by color blindness. As life is not a silent 1920's film, abuse is not limited to a specific form. He who strikes, yells, insults or rapes uses physical and psychological forces to overwhelm his victim. Sammy, the youngest of four children, is defenseless against older siblings.

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