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Women: Where Would We Be Without Them?
by Swami Shubhrananda

The very oppressive nature of pure pengalic energy rears its ugly head, big and bold, as it has many times throughout the existence of human kind, beginning with Adam and Eve, in this scientific ploy to create human beings without the womb of a mother. One more bold statement to drive home the unnecessary existence of womankind--except to serve mankind, if and when called upon and in the way he says.

Goddess of Truth

Goddess of Truth
by Marsha Bakko

Cloning. What kind of human being will we so coldly bring about as a by-product of some other human being's cells? It is said that in the bureau of missing persons there are hundreds of thousands of women on the lists, but it is this very population--women--that police seek to find the least. Men are not the backbone of families, women are; yet women are expendable. As you can see with our present social security issue, women and the elderly are less important and are most likely to perish under President Bush's potential change-at-hand. Women have, for years, performed the very same job expectations as a man and have continuously been paid less. Worst of all, women have apathetically acquiesced to this overt oppression--Why?

Women everywhere are aware of the oppression and subsequent submissiveness, yet I question, why has there been no change; why the continuous subtle teaching of the girl child to remain the same? I see women fight for equanimity where it is not possible, say physically speaking, where it actually makes the least change or difference. Mentally, women far exceed men, but they are so steeped in the belief that they are less than men that women are still accepting the antiquated belief that a man is best suited for president, or as leaders in general.

I suggest women are mentally more adept than men because women in a problem-solving situation will much more often consider all aspects of a given situation from a round table point-of-view, rather than a desk point-of-view, which denotes "I am the final word;" the persons on the other side of the desk may voice their opinions, but have very little to do with the final outcome.

Women seem to have long since forgotten how to lead, even though they quietly, often with each other, discuss important issues of society and family. Instead of angrily trying to fit into a man's system of doing things and begrudgingly keeping them (men) separate, it would seem more sensible to take command of themselves as women individually and collectively. Women need to remember and be re-taught (only because it's so repressed in the female psyche), the art of self-mastery.

Sensitivity, a quality in the female that is not so prominent in the male. In order for leadership (from family to society to politics) to be balanced, sensitivity to life, problems, and creating the best solution for everyone must be the key. Think of this: in the beginning we're all created female. The womb of life in the beginning was the great planetary ocean in which all of life was coddled and nourished--the female being the ocean. Even Charles Darwin states the earth was dominated by marine forms, which reproduced pathnogenetically, concluding that the female principle was primordial. In Eastern philosophy it is understood that prakriti (feminine energy) enters consciousness (male energy) in order for creation to occur.

Take honeybees for another example. The drones are produced and regulated by the sterile daughter workers and the fertile queen mother. Drones exist to mate with the queen. About seven drones per season will mate with her and then the entire drone group is destroyed. None of this is to say that males are unnecessary. Sexual reproduction enhances variety and the healthy genetic pool necessary for the complex evolution producing the human species.

Patriarchy did not exist first, the matrifocal society did. Women control their bodies. Men have little to no control of their bodies. Women can bear children and do many other things, too. Contraception and birth control have been practiced by women since time immemorial. This became more difficult when the establishment of a closed male medical profession occurred in medieval Europe, a joint evolvement of the Christian Church and a royal court system; the male-driven political power served to oppress all people, especially women. These women were labeled witches. The age-old feminine practice of healing was squelched. Now the practice was to religiously and politically keep women in ignorance--show them where the true power was. Now look at where we have evolved. Women are told it's their fault if they're raped. It's their fault if the home life is not balanced. It's their fault if the work place isn't running smoothly because PMS ruins their ability to function. Even insofar as PMS is a mental disease listed in the Physicians Desk Reference.

In Genesis 3:16 the Bible condemns Eve for being disobedient by stating, "I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conceptions; in sorrow shall you bring forth children." To this day in Christianity, the woman is to blame for "original sin" which is the orgasmic experience, her genitals are to be feared and seen as unclean and therefore children are born disgustingly dirty due to having to be born through the birth canal, the vagina. This book is called the holy testament and testament stems from the Latin testis. Simply, testicle (male witness). I wonder where they came up with this book of testament.

For over 2,000 years the oppression has continued. Man's drive for power continues to drive his ignorance deeper into his psyche. His logical approach cannot destroy the sacred, practical truths of the world womb of the Mother. For this is where we all begin and when we die we return to the great garbha-the great womb. The ultimate end for the male mastermind is to annihilate the power of the woman. This is not done out of love, but a kind of necrophilic contempt for a power that thus far appears to be becoming extinct. In western culture a man works on the average of 40-50 hours per week at his job, a woman 80 or more.

In eastern philosophy we say this period we live in is Kali Yuga--the Dark Age, the Iron Age. I say the age ruled by the iron fist. But pay attention--the ocean swallows up all that it surrounds and allows the earth to be born right in the center of Her. The great Mother allows the temper tantrum of the created men's patriarchal oppression in hopes that it will see the error of its ways and release itself from the ignorance and need to destroy the very energy it was created from. She will, as she always does, pull back into Her Womb all the mutant children, wash them for many lifetimes in her nurturing, loving womb and turn them back out again, as women.

Swami Shubhrananda is a living example of compassionate nature. She teaches self-mastery as the way to inner peace. She has worked in helping professions, and the mental health realm for many years. She has counseled thousands throughout her lifetime. She holds a degree as a nurse, a Masters degree in counseling psychology, and completed her doctorate in clinical psychology in 1995. Under strict guidance of Yoga Master Goswami Kriyananda, Shubhrananda completed spiritual training and became ordained as a Swami in 1994. She continues to teach and give personal guidance about how to live.

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