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Moondance Nonfiction - Spring 2002 Table of Contents

Women: Where Would We Be Without Them?
by Swami Shubhrananda

For over 2,000 years the oppression continues. Man's drive for power continues to drive his ignorance deeper into his psyche. His logical approach cannot destroy the sacred, practical truths of the world womb of the Mother. For this is where we all begin and when we die we return to the great garbha--the great womb.

In Search of the Feminine Archetype
by Asoka Selvarajah, Ph.D.

It was only in the 20th century that women's rights began to truly recover from the negative bombardment that has been inflicted upon them for millennia. Interestingly, this was also the era that brought us Television, Cinema, a huge surge in interest in Art, and more recently, Computer Graphics. This may be no coincidence, since all of these communication media are image-oriented. They stimulate the right-brain feminine side. As a consequence of these new technologies, traditional literacy has been under attack in the Western world, and has even started to decline.

A Feminine Feminist
by Jessica Simpson

As a young girl, I wore dresses and had ribbons in my hair with boots instead of dress shoes. I played with Barbies and dolls, but I did not hesitate to chase boys instead of waiting for them to chase me. I also climbed trees and rolled around in the dirt while wearing dresses. I found myself between the stereotypical image of girl and less stereotypical images, but I did not realize this until I became a feminist.

What Makes Us Who We Are?
by Anya Tikka McMonagle

They've all come a long way. That common thread, their mother, is a strong uniting factor despite different upbringings and characteristics. "Was it worth it, finding all these long lost siblings?" I asked John, my husband, back in New Jersey. We both think so. We have found a family that stretches across the world, and feel part of a network of friendly relatives.

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