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Good Happens

by Idara E. Bassey

Quest by Miki Nilan
"Quest" by Miki Nilan

Sometimes knowledge tumbles out like water rushing over stones in a brook, oblivious to the alignment of the stars, the dictates of the latest Doppler reading and recent fluctuations of the NASDAQ. In the midst of an epiphany, the long desired moment of clarity, fleeting as it may be, is the satisfaction of knowing that there is a divine order to all things-that we are not merely taking up space and consuming oxygen, and that yes, there is a purpose to all this. As a result, we are newly revitalized and determined to find out just what that purpose is.

When we begin our search we soon realize that the limits we impose on ourselves are more porous than we originally believed, but can still affect how we set about discovering our unique niche. Are we doomed from the start? It is not unusual to reach out for or even cling to what seems to be remotely familiar-we are humans after all. But even with a true understanding of our sojourn on the physical plane-that is, we are human beings having a spiritual experience-our approach may be different or we may cling all that much more tightly. Thankfully, the process still lurches forward all the same.

Why do we continually strive for the prize? What drives us to be ever moving? In the longing for greater expression of our authenticity, our true selves-first revealed in whispers, then in bolder declarations that ultimately crescendo into an unshakeable awareness of our alignment with forces greater than ourselves within us; we take one step at a time, hoping and praying our instincts are on target. We remain on the lookout for the "metaphysical breadcrumbs" that hopefully lay out the most direct and painless path toward our desires.

In wanting to be bigger than we presently are or in desiring a different experience on the physical plane, one needs two things: the intention to do so, and alignment with energies that facilitate the transforming of intention into action. In light of our simultaneous residence on the physical and spiritual planes, the ongoing journey forward, the compulsion to be fully and completely oneself is easily understood. In fact, in truth, it cannot happen any other way. Rather than attempt to plumb the depths of this desire, or fret where it may be leading us, or even wonder if we are up for the challenge, let us lean back and enjoy the ride. Good happens-so let it happen to you.

copyright, Idara E. Bassey, 2001

Idara E. Bassey is an attorney, writer, and mixed-media artist based in San Diego, California. She is presently Executive Director of WondaWoman International , a human potential consulting firm specializing in multi-dimensional and multi-disciplinary approaches to empowering women. She can be reached at



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