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The Goddess Is Alive in Every Woman:
The True Story of How She Came to Be, How She Disappeared, and How She Returned
by Susun Weed

Yet there were those who were so foolish. Deluded, they grew arrogant, and began to tell the story of creation in a strange way. They began to believe that a man gave birth to the Earth and to humans! They said that man was the source of all nourishment and wisdom. They said that man was the image of God, and that God was jealous, and angry, that God demanded pain and blood and despised the simple pleasures of the body, of the earth. They said that God lived above, not within the earth, that God lived in heaven and was above all life. They said that men were above all life, too. That man had dominion over all of life, over all of the Earth herself, to do with as he pleased.

Oh, how silly their stories were. Surely no one could believe such stories! Surely everyone could see clearly that woman was the source of life, and nourishment. Surely it was clear that the women's blood was the life of the Earth and the life of the people. And that the pleasure of the body was holy, was sacred, was good. That the Earth was alive, was our true Mother, and must be respected. That we are part of Her, dependent on Her for our very breath.

Angels in Our Lives
by Susan Ellis
I was twenty-five when I lost my son to cancer and before that time I'd had a couple of minor spiritual experiences but nothing that prepared me for what was to come.

My son had been in and out of the hospital for six months when we finally stopped treatment and brought him home to die on his terms.

Good Happens
by Idara E. Bassey
Why do we continually strive for the prize? What drives us to be ever moving? In the longing for greater expression of our authenticity, our true selves--first revealed in whispers, then in bolder declarations that ultimately crescendo into an unshakeable awareness of our alignment with forces greater than ourselves within us; we take one step at a time, hoping and praying our instincts are on target. We remain on the lookout for the "metaphysical breadcrumbs" that hopefully lay out the most direct and painless path toward our desires.

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