Columns to the Stars
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Out of the Closet
by Elizabeth Stewart
Looking back, I realize that I've probably been harboring this secret since I was at least ten years old.

Window Writer
by Regina Phelps
I can hear my mother telling me to “Stop drawing on that window. You're making it a mess.” But it wasn't a mess to me. It was a picture of a tall mountain, its peak coated in ice, like the icing on a birthday cake when the cake is too warm and it drizzles down the sides.

Reconstructing My Father
by Diane Dees Tobiason
A knowledgeable outdoorsman, he taught me the names of all of the trees, took me fishing in a boat he built himself, and showed me how to till the worm bed in the back yard. But as I grew older, my needs changed.

Appreciate Life
by Marianne Moro
Living a full life has very little to do with how many appointments we have on our “to-do” list, but it's the quality and lasting effects of what we do that matters.

The Psychiatrist as Poet
by Esther Altshul Helfgott
All the while Blank is in close emotional proximity to his patients and to people in his past, he allows situations and events he encounters on his way to and from work to touch him, as well. Physician or not, he is a working-class poet immersed in the sounds of men and women living ordinary lives.

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