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Preparation (crescent moon) The crescent moon is the sprout moon, bringing into fruition the beginnings we planned at the new moon. This phase of the moon is the time to nurture growth and bring increase into our lives. Now is the time to prepare for change. Spring is a time of birth, new endeavors and shedding winters woes. It is the time to plan for the future, to nourish the young, and to prepare them for flight, while preparing ourselves for the time when loved ones will leave. It is also time to cherish ourselves and our dreams.

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Looking back, I realize that Iíve probably been harboring this secret since I was at least ten years old.

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Imagine the luxuries of the twentieth century vanish. Automatic washing machines, microwaves and central heating disappear in an instant. Could you live without amenities such as the telephone, that we so casually take for granted?

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Like the 19th century women of the
Shun-te district of Kwangtung,
I have no desire to marry

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