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Song and Story: Comets Across the Sky
green line song and story
The 21st Century Will Be "The Century of the Woman" by Carin Jacobs
Manufacturers of insecticides have a big problem. I believe our previously male-dominated society has a similar problem.
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News by Sarah Eaton

When my mother really has something to say, she sends a gift, and with it, a letter. This month's package was a pair of red high-heeled shoes.
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The Color of Life by Margarita Oykhman Smith

I woke up one Sunday morning in December of 1992 to find out that I had one week to say good-bye to all of my friends and all the things that I loved and hoped for.
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Two Pills - And Then What? Diary of an Activist by Stella Greenway
Two pills, suitably administered at the right time, with a bit of judicious follow up, could change the picture for the 30,000 babies currently born HIV+ each year. Worth trying--break the cycle--if only we could find a way to supply, and administer, and then support the babes and their mothers.
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Rack of Lamb Hadlee by Pat Churchill
In the early 1970s, the Sensitive New Age Guy hadn't been born.
But he was quietly incubating...
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Artesanas Campesinas - Art Camp by Nohemi Perez and Paula Perez
Artesanas Campesinas is an association of rural women artisans who have been struggling against the harsh tides of globalism that has steamrollered the traditional markets of the Mexican artisans. We are always working in our shop, casting and sanding, sometimes frustrated; it is our life--the part we've been given by God and our destiny to play.
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