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Setting The Heavens; by Stasia Weston

I saw it in the mirror, I saw it in my face that I'm no longer needed, that my place could be taken by anybody. Yes, I saw it in the mirror, when I looked into my eyes, I saw that something was wrong. I saw it in the mirror, my head is hanging low and I'm not too familiar with such feelings. I know he said he loved me, but I looked through his lies and it really didn't bother him if I would ever cry. I had never thought I could cry for him, but now I know I'll miss him and all the days we shared.

I can still recall the day when he walked, just like that, into my house, as smug as a cat. He was handsome and smart, telling innocent lies, learning all my secrets and then leaving no stone unturned and throwing dust in my eyes. As though he stopped a while for a chat, he found a temporary home in my house. Then he simply walked away with my heart in his hand.

Love's Dream
by Richard Franklin

As romance had blossomed, I thought that there was nothing in the world that could keep us apart. I can still feel those kisses of fire burning, burning, those sweet devotions which made me feel like being at the point of no returning, being caught in the landscape of emotions. I was riding higher than the sky and when he slept by my side I felt safe. I had found a place in the sun.

Still, I was scared that my love was so strong.

Losing him was a nightmare.

I wonder: was it just a dream, everything we did, everything we had?

Now our love is just a blown-out candle.

I lived in a love land and wondered along beautiful gardens full of flowers, song and sweet scents. The grass was mellow and the sky was blue .I had come to the sunshine and listened to the tuneful songs of the silvery birds. It was like living in paradise. It was a tropical love land which I shared with him. Life was so happy and sunny. We wandered together, laid in the shade of a tree, over the rainbow and under the moon.

But our love was a snowbird which flew away. They say that a restless body can hide a peaceful soul, and if I explore the heavens or if I search inside, well it really doesn't matter as long as I can tell myself I have always tried.

Life is motion, just like a roller in the sea, life flows like a wind that's always blowing and, like the sunrise in the morning, life dawns.

How I treasure every minute, being part of it, being in it, with the urge to move on. I've travelled many places and I've travelled in my mind; it seems I'm on a journey, a trip through space and time and somewhere lies the answer to all the questions why. What really makes the difference between all dead and living things is the will to stay alive.

Changing, moving in a circle, I can see his face in all my dreams, smiling, laughing from the shadows, when I hear his voice I know what it means, I know it doesn't matter just how hard I try, but he was all the reasons for my life then. Sadly, disillusion is all he left for me.

How can I forget him when my world is breaking down?

Wishing, hoping, chasing shadows.
Did I see his face somewhere in the crowd?
Thinking and wondering what he's doing I can't stop myself from crying out loud.

They say that my wound would heal and only leave a scar, but then they never shared our love. Disillusion is all I've got from him. Now I believe that his new girl has turned him down and they say she's pushing him around . How does it feel? I guess it hurts his pride. Disaster and disgrace. The king has lost his crown. Suddenly he's clumsy like a fool and his world is upside down. Was it hard to step down from his throne? The morning breeze that ripples the surface of the ocean, the crying of the seagulls that hover over me, I see it and I hear it, but how can I explain the wonder of the moment.Oh! To be alive, to feel the sun that follows every storm...

But what do I hear? A strange, funny noise coming from my hotel room. I can hear crystalline jingling of bells coming from inside. What is it?
Who is there? What is happening to me?
Am I hearing things? Is it just fantasy?

I rush into my room and find the window open. There's a huge red sack on my bed. Looking through the window, I can see a sleigh pulled by reindeers on the sky. And inside the sleigh there is Santa!

Santa?! In the middle of summer?

Hey you, Santa Claus! Come back!
Why have you come so early?
Hey, Santa!!!

Bio: Sorana Salomeia is a 17 year old female, from Romania

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