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There is not one among us who did not learn the response of "thank you" as a child. In fact, it's usually one of the first things we are taught. "Say 'thank you,'" our parents insist as they are handing us the cookie or blanket we are demanding. "Kay-koo" is one of our earliest phrases, and we are both expected and praised heartily for using it.

But there is a problem. Just as quickly as we learn to say "thank you," we also learn that it always seems to come with a catch. We don't say it until we have been given something.

Starting September 24, 2002, please join Ms. Silverman in the Moondance Discussion Forum as she hosts the topic "Creative Words that will Change Your Life." During this discussion, learn how to create your life through the sounds, words, beliefs, and pictures that they speak.
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I can't pinpoint exactly when I started my new regiment, nor can I remember all the ill effects I suffered before I'd become enlightened. However, I do remember being totally intrigued by the fact that a simple life alteration could produce such happiness and utter joy. My journey toward better health was not planned, but after living for several years with unexplained heart palpitations, an upset stomach, and chronic, unyielding headaches, I knew something had to give.
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SPIRIT is a journal and guide that will help you get in touch with your spirit. When you actively take part in creating your spirit journal from SPIRIT's suggested ideas, your journal will live and breathe, your journal will become a part of you, and your journal will become your creation, your insight, and your inspiration.

SPIRIT is divided into five steps: Step 1--Finding God; Step 2--Asking God for Help and Guidance; Step 3--Growing in Spirit; Step 4--Using the Force, Using the Power; and Step 5--Spirit Forever. These five steps will be published in Inspirations in three installments: Step 1 in the Fall 2002 issue; Step 2 and Step 3 in the Winter 2002 issue; and Step 4 and Step 5 in the Spring 2003 issue.
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Young children have a natural connection with the divine, believing they are a part of all that is around them and are at the center. They also have a curiosity, which they express unashamed. I celebrate the families that allow their children to have their own voices from birth. Their curiosity and creativity should be encouraged.
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