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Out On A Ledge
by Barbara Ehrentreu
When she was younger she used to walk by store windows and glance at her reflection any chance she got. Now waking in the middle of the night she kept her head down so she wouldn't see herself in the mirror. Instead, she stared down at her hands and watched the water run over them as if they were disassociated from the rest of her body. ...more>>


by Yvonne Chism-Peace
After the little girl became a big girl, she began to spend every other Saturday at the hairdressing parlour. That is what her mother called it, not beauty salon like the white housewives on television. Miss Muriel did hair in a large converted living room with breezy French doors that led to a narrow enclosed front porch, windows half concealed with pots of tall snake plants and a monstrous species of rhododendron. ...more>>


Hello? Dr. Laura?
by Anna Tuttle Villegas
Did I say yes and no to the wrong requests, Dr. Laura? ... Should I have said yes to the puppy and no to the Chevy? Should I have bought him a Jeep? I can't tell; can you help me here? Did I make things come too easy or too hard? Was I overbearingly eccentric in the morality of my decision-making? Would the puppy have made a difference?

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