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An Old Man with a Wooden Leg by Diane E. Dees
My favorite stories were the ones about Uncle Ellior. Ellior was not my mother's uncle; he was the father of her friend, Lee, but everyone called him Uncle Ellior.
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the threads of traditions by Anne Kelly-Edmunds
This time of year, autumn, is resplendent with traditions of the approaching holidays. Some can be comforting, like putting on a warm quilt, and some can grace our shoulders like a beautifully crocheted shawl. Yet others may be tattered and torn, leaving us feeling chilled and neglected.
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The Whole Kit & Kaboodle by Kit Chase
I think he was barely four feet tall in the second grade and now he's a whopping 6-foot-3-inches. He's driving and holds a job making his own money. But one thing hasn't changed. His room is still messy.
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Is That All There Is? by Marianne Moro
About the only thing that age or maturity excludes us from is magazine-perfect physical health and physical appearance. Many people, however, look and/or feel better at 40 than at 30.
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