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Captive Waltz
by Joni Hendry

I mourn
as unborn spirits of spring
toss restlessly,
in their crystal wombs.
by Michelle Waters
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I wait for the spin
of the wheel of seasons.

Gone are the flowers,
debutantes in frilly ball gowns,
lifting faces that charm
honey bees: now eunuchs.

The swirl of amber leaves
waltz a tired green dance,
a chilled murmur echoes
through naked trees.

I tremble at the silence
of frigid landscape,
winter's white mask,
screening life.

New beginnings shiver
singing "Auld Lang Syne"
into the bleak hours
of winter's piercing embrace
to the wind.

Joni Hendry started writing poetry less than a year ago. This piece, "Captive Waltz", was rated as a top poem in September on the Zoetrope writing site. Some of her work will also appear in an upcoming issue of Beginnings Magazine. She is not the writer she wishes to be and can only try to get closer to the light that rests in all of us, waiting for an explorer.

Keeping it honest, simple and giving it feeling are goals in her writing. Joni has also started writing short stories; she likes the diversity writing brings.

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