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Joy Hewitt Mann
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Overhead pine needles
catch my hair
and the sound of Father throwing splits
onto the first snow.
I sit, a late apple in my hand, caught
between the touch and voice of wood,
the ground around thick with needles
and the pungent scent of resin.

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"Beautiful Dreamer" by Wanda Teel

I was an unbargained for child
something grown out-of-season, my parents
moon-people, hair white, faces
craters and mountain ridges
and I more alien still
my flesh and hair and mouth
rooting for sustenance.

Mountain ridges,
roots of pines reach deep, the sky
falls down around it all

and my parents sigh into the wilds they'd made their home.

Somehow I survive the power
of the hills, pine needles
sew me straight,
caves of wood
vanish my aloneness.

From this terrace I reach out
see the first flakes of snow drift down --
my father's face stretched up, tracing
cries of geese v-ing south -- snow

that disappears into his hair, melts
on my outstretched hand.


After publishing for ten years in such literary magazines as The Malahat Review, Limestone, Midwest, Grain, and Whetstone, and receiving numerous awards for her prose and poetry, Joy Hewitt Mann embraced the Web. In 2000 her poetry was published online at Poetry Now, Rose and Thorn, The Absinthe Review, The Melic Review, Poetry Bay, The Paumonok Review (from whom she received a Pushcart Nomination), and many more. Her first fiction collection, Clinging to Water, was published in June of 2000 by Boheme Press, Toronto. Then Joy took a year off to finish her first novel, Lacrima Christi, which will be published in Fall 2002, and her first full-length book of poetry Bone on Bone, which will be published in Spring 2003. Now she is writing more short stories and poetry, working on a second novel, and submitting again. Joy lives with her husband and three children in Spencerville, Ontario, Canada, where she runs a large junkstore.

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