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winter 2001 table of contents
true moxie
By Cornelia Amiri

As a survivor of childhood incest and physical abuse, it is amazing that I lived through years of rapes and beatings. Wondrous as survival is, it falls short of the ultimate blessing, healing. After turning to adults such as teachers, relatives, and doctors for help, dissociating is the next best coping mechanism for survival--but not for healing. You must face the pain to recover.

the beautiful pecan
By Vyvyan Lynn

There are pale green buds and flowers on the pecan tree just outside my window. It is a strange looking occurrence -- one that I have never fully noticed. Twigs extending out from massive limbs look to have been decorated by a loving hand.

joy marks the gifts
By Elizabeth Bennfeld

I've always looked forward to the coming of winter. The cold winds and snow keep folks at home except for the most necessary chores, and nearly every outing is considered, rather than impulsive. Here in North Dakota, winter weather often arrives in November and lingers into late March or even early April.

tangled vines
By Georgiana Nelsen

Tall palms stand sentry in the yard of my new Southern home, replacing the maples and pines I grew up with in the Midwest. Hibiscus lure birds to their bright flowers, and roses seem to bloom all year. I grew roses up north, and they do exactly what I expect them to do.

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