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Moondance; Celebrating Creative Women


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by RoseMarie London
No one knows I'm here, or where here is for that matter. But I'm notorious for leaving a trail; stealth in planning, sloppy in practice, or so I've been accused. I've felt unprotected for so long that when he grips my throat I am able without any particular fear or hesitation to lean into the loss. His hold is like a lullaby. What is your definition of freedom?

Loose Ends
by Debra Warlick
A jangled smile wavers on his face as he tries to coax happiness out of her, leaving mother irritated and disgusted. When this doesn't work, he clutches his stomach (or his chest or his head) and shrinks. He pushes his food around on his plate and chews antacids for dessert. Sometimes, he gets angry and pounds his fist or his head against the wall -- always directing the hurt at himself but making sure we see and feel it.

The Lesson
by Debra Warlick
"It's much easier to learn the technique of kissing while on a bed," he teases as we both sit down. I suddenly wish I were home, watching reruns of Gilligan's Island or any other inane, safe activity.

Lessons in Floating
by Lisa Polisar
"Only one." The words resounded against reverberating corridors in the back of my head. The most confusing matter of all was my role in this predicament. Should it be up to me to decide who should be saved and who should be sacrificed? Why couldn't someone else make this decision for me? A young, husbandless mother in the midst of labor must be responsible for such lofty judgments? I resented them, suddenly. Resented being here, resented the cold outside and lack of heat in this building.

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