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Chaos -- new moon -- The air is cold; life is in a state of hibernation or struggle. The sun drifts away from the earth. Darkness increases. The wind turns sharp, whisking through the night air, crackling with static electricity. There are beginnings in that energy, beneath the cold, dark, seemingly sterile surface. Time slows down, providing the opportunity to reflect upon the past year, grieving if we must. Finding fulfillment and resolution enables us to respectfully separate from days gone by and prepare for the approaching year.


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I've never known a friendship like Jon's and I still thought we were each other's safe place to fall during some hard times. Knowing what I know about coffee though, it is hard to be so sure of this.

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The gardens have stood up to the fates
of imminent winter and my sad neglect.

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There are pale green buds and flowers on the pecan tree just outside my window. It is a strange looking occurrence -- one that I have never fully noticed. Twigs extending out from massive limbs look to have been decorated by a loving hand.

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With few words and abundant charm, Barb McKinney weaves a warm tale of wisdom with which to wrap oneself during the cold of winter.

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