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The Other Me
by April Kay Arns
Through the sleepless nights, I sit and stare at the computer screen, needing words to fill it. Whether I am in a chat room, working on an article or story, I find that I am, many times, at a loss for words to express what or how I feel. Then, suddenly they get switched on and start to flow. It is almost like a second person has to wake up inside and come out of hiding so that I can write.

Window Dreams
by Margaret Helmstetter
Catherine sat gazing out the window with a desperate longing that gripped her very soul. Her heart was breaking. The papers on her desk sat piled high while she waited and wondered. How much longer would she sit, waiting for him to keep the promise he made to her years ago?

It takes two to survive a marriage
by Camey
Courtship is one thing, marriage is another. When you find the love of your life, courting begins and usually ends in marriage. If you work at it, the courtship in your marriage will remain.

by Jamie Joy Gatto
To be favored by you is surely a blessing; to be kissed by you, richer than Solomon's wisdom; to be held by you, something decidedly transcendental. I am certainly not the only one to feel it. It flows from you to me, and me to you in currents and tender waves, and in soft caresses of the soul, not merely of the flesh.

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