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Memory Boxblinkingstar

This is a box of broken dreams
This is a box of broken dreams
filled with old hopes frayed at the seams.

And in it the threads of life undone,
the beads of joy that lie unstrung,

The broken promises I own
like missing buttons still unsewn,

And all the things that went untried
like pretty ribbons never tied.

Here are the dreams I put away,
and the veil I wore that mournful day.

Look how the dust of all these years
has faded sequins into tears.

But where is The Promise of my life
the ring that made me Sorrow's wife?

Where are the laurels that I won
for words unwritten, songs unsung?

So many dreams that won't come true
because of all I didn't do.

I should just throw these things away;
the past is dead and gone they say.

But life is shorter than it seemed
when I was young and when I dreamed.

Yes, life's much shorter than it seems.
We must hold on to all our dreams.

AUTHOR BIO: Elizabeth Stewart studied theater at the University of Rhode Island. In addition to having worked as a theater director she has also performed professional storytelling. She is the mother of three and the grandmother of six. This poem marks her introduction to the written word. She is presently studying grant writing and hopes that one day soon she will be writing winning grants. Elizabeth also has a piece appearing in our current Columns section.


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