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lost girl meets lost boy in Orono Maine
G. S. McMichael
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hasty journeys
spinning into funnels of fear
dropping her beside suicide traffic
on Philistine highways
screaming with strip malls
xxxtraordinary parking lots
too busy on Sunday mornings

a train track her savior path
from southern wastelands
to northern elements
meeting with the rhythm
of old, still hungry lovers
spawning unbroken white heaven
making her waters rush
and demons hush

their voices trapped,
in webs of feather and silver gifts,
to be blown towards the Penobscot
away from his house boasting
bird nests and dollhouses
gilded horseshoes, ropes of glass
storybook walking sticks

good things also catch in the thread circles;
heartdrums, flesh on flesh musk, breathsongs,
and promises only the lost will make.

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"The Lovers" by Regina Noakes

G.S. McMichael lives in Maine with her three of her six children. Born in Massachusetts, she recently returned to the US after residing in Ireland where she resumed writing after a long hiatus.

One of her early poems, "Tara, 1999" was displayed by Gerry Adams, President of Sinn Fein and Member of Parliament, in the SF Office. Ms McMichael has also been published in Rick Lupert's Poetry Super Highway.

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