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Amy Trussell
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Evening star in the film of the bog
                  moonlit spine bone in the mud
thrown off wheel, still spinning
                 we get out at this, the very end of the road
and the beginning
           the tar is still soft from the pit
and warmth and pulse
           comes into the soles and the breath rises up
from the pooled places in the heart
                 of the swamp
where root tentacles radiate out
                 in this outpost of the soul
the muscled shells open one by one
                 along a warm silk current
that moves the vertebrae
           out of the fishtrap and into the whirlpool
cypress tree stands alone and ancient
                      that pushed up through liquid
and into sparks
               remember the swamp witch
her warm hand on my back
she said "to draw down lightning
           open your palm to the charge
        and paint"

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"Electric Flight" by Patricia Obletz

Amy Trussell's poetry, articles and essays have been published in many periodicals including Woman Of Power, Mothering, ReVision, Prague Revue, New Orleans Review, Savannah Literary Journal, and others. She also interprets poetry through dance and has performed on the West Coast, in Tennesee, Alabama, and recently in New Orleans at the Zeitgeist Theater. She is currently working on three books, including two collaborative books of poetry, one with A di Michele, and one with Donna Kuhn. Her poetry can be found on the web at Big Bridge, Moria, Light and Dust, Three Candles, Spadra, and others.

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