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LindaAnn Loschiavo
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My youngest sister's dying first.   That's not
How it's supposed to be.   These thoughts: I push
Hard, harder as the small soprano in the
Aluminum swing flies up, greets the blue
With her high C.   She has her mother's eyes,
Begs, "More!", and promises to hold on like
A good girl, never-never-bound.   Soon she
Won't fit in this contraption, chubby legs
Already too close to the frame.   Today I
Explained some things grow fast like cedars: they
Mass, thick enough to matter, so strong they
Repel most other forces.   High above
Now, cedars shield us from wind, block the cold rooms
Where promise goes, expose flesh closer to
The bone, a chest without hope, or a matter
Of time.   Around this playground, trees stir with
Birds, cedar waxwings bringing their young things
To eat, or dropping to the bright horizon,
All optimistic noise as I try to push
So much away.

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"Walden" by Midred Jarrow Riley

A native New Yorker, LindaAnn Loschiavo is an award-winning journalist, critic, novelist, and poet. She has developed writing programs for New York University and Hunter College, and organized many high-profile Benefits and literary events promoting the work of authors in the United States, Latin America, the Caribbean, and abroad. The NYC Poetry Calendar [October 1999] saluted her promotional successes on behalf of the arts, calling her "a force of nature." She has been a "Featured Poet" during "First Night Out in New Jersey" as well as a "Featured Poet" selected by Dana Gioia for the journal Italian Americana, and her work has drawn acclaim from P.E.N. American Women, and many others.

Her reviews have appeared online for BookReport.com and in American Book Review, Iris, Iron Horse Literary Review, The Rain City Review, etc. At Marymount Manhattan's Annual All-Day Writers' Conference, she is a frequent speaker and has been on panels for poetry, translation, and for book publicity. A columnist for L'Idea, she also covers the arts scene weekly for the International Tribune and many other publications. Her fiction has been nominated for a Pushcart Award and a novel set during the disco era, SEX WHEN SHE WAS [a modern version of the Divine Comedy], is with an agent.

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