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Moondance Nonfiction - Summer 2001 Table of Contents

A Sister's Love
by Cameron Roberts

I'm not sure why I was so shocked to hear that she had an eating disorder. I guess it was because I was so naÔve at the time. I was 15, and my world was perfect.

10 Things You Can Do to Produce a Quantum Leap in Your Life Fast
by Asoka Selvarajah, Ph.D

We often hear of small actions that can make a dramatic impact on our lives. Here are ten such things which, if done with determination, will produce a revolution for you physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially!

The Write Path
by Amy S. Pierce

As a writer, there are no limits as to how far you can go. Your journey will be much more fulfilling if you try to walk everywhere (even in muddy waters). That is what I finally have the courage to do, and I am much happier and healthier as I walk on the write path.

Why Do I Bleed?
by Grey Dangerfield

Iíve stopped taking on the guilt for things that people did to me, intentionally or not, as a child. I am finally starting to believe people when they compliment me. Cutting no longer has power over me.

Ovarian Cancer Is Often Elusive
by Camey

Predicting ovarian cancer is still an inexact science, according to Dr. Samah. "We don't know what causes ovarian cancer. We know some women have a family history of ovarian cancer and women in those families are more prone to get it. But in general we have no clue."

Celebrating Self: The Process of Becoming
by Linda A. Firestone, Ph.D

Creativity is within. How we use it is a reflection of our sense of self and our willingness to become. Women who claim their lives, their creative essential essence, exude possibilities, boundless energy and an inner joy. Following oneís inner call to become and to celebrate the process requires intellect, instinct, passion, humility and trust in becoming. It requires a celebration of self.

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