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Summer 2001, Volume 5, Edition 4

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WebPrize Honorable Mention


Wishing your Way to Prosperity
As the green grass of spring dries into yellow, summer brings hot days and warm nights. Each has the potential of inspiring or distracting, creating challenges and providing the first fruits of our previous work. Balmy evenings are the perfect invitation to contemplate our past and our future. The stars above beg to be wished upon--an exercise all creative people should indulge in.

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By Loretta Kemsley


Summer is the crossroad of the four seasons. The days stretch across forever, yet rush swiftly by. The ocean tides lure us with their song. Our authors and artists shared their heart, delighting us with new pleasures. Rejoice with those our editors have selected as Best of Theme.
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Rising Stars
Rising Stars is a division of Moondance created for and dedicated to aspiring writers. No matter how fluently the creative pen flows, writing as a profession is challenging. Rising Stars provides aspiring writers with useful information and inspiring articles to assist and comfort along the journey.
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