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As the green grass of spring dries into yellow, summer brings hot days and warm nights. Each has the potential of inspiring or distracting, creating challenges and providing the first fruits of our previous work. Balmy evenings are the perfect invitation to contemplate our past and our future. The stars above beg to be wished upon--an exercise all creative people should indulge in.

"Wishful thinking is one of our many intelligences. It's a way we solve problems that go beyond the five senses. its how we understand and then influence forces our brain is not designed to fathom but which our heart knows well." writes Paul Pearsall, Ph.D, in his book Wishing Well. "Wishful intelligence is thinking about the world as a place of wonderful potential eventualities that we can change into actual happening simply through our individual intentions. As one of our wish-wise subjects put it, 'Wishing is a way of helping nature make up her mind in our favor.'"

Wishing is the perfect compliment to brainstorming. Both can enlighten us to the true desires of our soul. In Poetic Medicine: the Healing Art of Poem, John Fox views writing as self-discovery. "This moment of surprising yourself with your own words of wisdom or of being surprised by the poems of others is at the heart of poetry as healer. Surprise is a kind of revelation, resurrection and rebirth--a creative, joyful, luminous, physical experience of being disinterred from limitation . Expressing this sense of surprise rolls away the stone of the mind's harshness and self doubt, allowing us to recognize a voice that has been discouraged, or hidden away, or perhaps is yet undiscovered."

Discovering ourselves inevitably leads us upon new and fruitful paths to travel. In Prosperity: A Woman's Guide, Ruth Ross Ph.D. focuses on the creative paths that lead to abundance. "All prosperity begins in the mind and is dependent only upon the full use of our creative imagination. Thought is energy, and thought energy has the power to manifest. Manifestation means to produce, to cause to happen, to bring forth from the world of ideas to the physical world of reality.

"Our minds have the power to create. This power comes from our ability to picture. Everything ever created by humans was first an imaginative idea in someone's mind. We are totally surrounded by these creative ideas manifested physically--from the cup of coffee in the morning to the TV program at night.

"So prosperity is a product of the creative mind. Essentially, it is a state of consciousness, an attitude. Having the consciousness of prosperity is know that you have the ability to live a wondrous life through the full use of your creative imagination. When you are totally open to your flow of creative ideas, and are willing to act on those that prosper all concerned, you are on your path to an abundant life."

In summer, the fruits of prosperity are there to sweeten your day and help you ripen into the creative endeavors your heart desires. Taking the time to wish your way to personal discovery and follow your wishes with creative action is sure to expand your boundaries and encourage prosperity to travel your way.

By Loretta Kemsley
Women Artists and Writers International
Writer, Editor and Editorial Coach

Loretta Kemsley's Personal Portfolio: Women's Writings


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