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Crossroads -- half moon -- The days are hot and long, stretching across forever, yet rushing swiftly by. The trees feed us with sweet, ripe fruits. The green grass of spring dries into yellow. The nights are warm and romantic. The ocean tides lure us with their song. We rise to the challenge, moving forward, sweating through creative labor, enjoying the first fruits of our work. We take chances with the longings of our heart, delighting in sexual pleasures. As we grow, we learn about ourselves as vibrant individuals. It is a time of rejoicing and vigorous health.

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I am able to survive our wretched Louisiana summer because of the Creole tomato.

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The Buddhist nun had lived on Black Bamboo Mountain for over twenty years. She shaved her head after leaving a marriage she could only describe as tasteless. The priest who ordained her thought it might be convenient to have a live-in disciple for various chores and delights, but Koen had other aspirations.

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It's really easy to get caught up in trying to preplan for every aspect and stage of life, or to worry when we don't.

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To be favored by you is surely a blessing; to be kissed by you, richer than Solomon's wisdom; to be held by you, something decidedly transcendental. I am certainly not the only one to feel it. It flows from you to me, and me to you in currents and tender waves, and in soft caresses of the soul, not merely of the flesh.

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