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Rising stars is a division of Moondance dedicated to aspiring writers. Before I go any further, allow me to explain how the development of this division was conceived. Moondance began receiving email from young students interested in pursuing writing as a profession. While some of these queries contained submissions, the majority posed questions regarding writing and publication. It became clear to the editors of Moondance that these voices deserve to be heard and the questions were deserving of answers. Hence, the idea for a youth division for aspiring writers was conceived.

This is where I come in. My name is Wendi L. Cali. I will be the hostess (editor) of this new division. During June of 2000, I made a decision to join an online writing workshop. As a young aspiring writer, I was naive, timid and afraid. But, this dream in me to succeed propelled me forward in spite of myself. The writing workshop turned out to be a pivotal moment in my writing career. Not only did the workshop inspire great writing and personal growth, it also introduced me to remarkable, respected, talented women and writers. Through this workshop, I obtained my first paying freelance job. I also had the opportunity to travel to Sedona, Arizona to meet with an illustrator interested in working with my picture books. Finally, it was in this workshop that I had the honor of crossing paths with Loretta Kelmsley, the publisher of Moondance. Due to my esteem for Loretta and Moondance, I gladly accepted with honor when asked to create this division.

I'd like you to meet my assistant editor, Cindy Debes. You may recognize her from the Moondance forum. Cindy is a friend of mine from an online journal club. Through our year together at this small network of journalists, I gained much respect and affection for this young and talented college student. When the time came for me to partner up with an assistant, there was no hesitation in my request. To my delight, she agreed. The next step was to anticipate the needs of those young authors. Drawing from our own experiences and struggles, Cindy and I decided on a column called, "The Top Ten List." In this list, various aspects of the writing industry are presented as the "top ten things to know" about specific topics related to writing. This issue proudly presents, "The Top Ten Things to Know About Copyright." In addition to the Top Ten list, we opted for a Writer's Dictionary in which definitions of writing related terms can be found.

With material being written by the editors, and graphic designer Kirsten Andreason working diligently on creating the design of the Rising Stars Division, only one problem remained. From the letters being sent to Rising Stars, we realized that not all aspiring writers are "young." We wanted Rising Stars to be helpful to any beginning writer. Therefore, we are proud to present Rising Stars as a division of Moondance created for the use and support of aspiring writers of all ages. We would like to invite you to help us build this division to your own needs and desires. Please visit the Moondance forum to share your ideas, comments, and suggestions for this division. Cindy and I will be more than happy to answer questions, as well as post comments about Rising Stars and the craft of writing. Above all, we'd like you to submit your writing to be considered for publication to Moondance. Please visit the Submission Guidelines posted at the homepage of Moondance for contact information and submission guidelines. On behalf of Moondance, Assistant Editor Cindy Debes, Graphic Designer Kirsten Andreason, and myself, welcome to Rising Stars!


Author Bio: Wendi L. Cali has had a fascination for and a dedication to the written word since early childhood. Currently, Wendi holds the titles of Content Director for Cenicola-Helvin Enterprises, the Editor In Chief of a web community called (based on Real Insight Through Raw Opinion), and will now be representing aspiring writers as the editor of Rising Stars. Wendi's writing projects range from picture books to historical fiction to freelance and inspirational articles.

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