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M. D. Hauser
Opinions Editor

M. D. Hauser is a freelance writer and editor who has had several fiction and nonfiction pieces published in newspapers, magazines and on the Internet. She lives in her home state of Texas.

Georgiana Nelsen
Opinions Assistant Editor

Georgiana Nelsen is a business lawyer and writer currently residing in Houston, Texas. She is a former senior editor and columnist at Straight From the Heart E zine, and does freelance editing through her company, Crystal Beach Dragon Company, a venture she shares with her four children. She has been an active advocate for public education, publishing newspaper articles and writing speeches for candidates. Other non fiction publishing credits include legal and business journals, but her first love is fiction. Her short stories have appeared at many internet sites and she is currently working on a novel titled Natural Consequences, a story of the plight of a mother where child abuse is alleged.

[Liz and Al] Elizabeth W. Bennefeld
Opinions / Nonfiction Copy Editor

The Written Word
Patchwork Prose & Quilted Poetry

Elizabeth W. Bennefeld has earned a living as a freelance writer, copyeditor and academic style editor in Fargo, North Dakota, since 1984. Previously, she was employed by a regional bank corporation in computer operations. Bennefeld received a bachelor of arts degree in English and philosophy, and her poetry and prose have appeared in literary and other publications since the late 1960s.

[Lorena] Lorena Wolfe
Opinions Designer

Greywolf Web Weaving
The Callahanian Army of Light
The Barony of Dreiburgen

Lorena got her B.S. in Computer Science from Cal Poly Pomona, graduating with highest honors, and is a freelance web designer through Greywolf Web Weaving. With a background rich in programming and database experience, as well as desktop publishing, she is adept with HTML, Javascript, site architecture, and is conversant with C. Among her sites are ones for her barony in the Society for Creative Anachronism, a middle-ages recreationist group, and one for an E-mail 'collaborative fiction' role playing game, through which she met her beloved husband.


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