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The Loss that Taught Us to Nurture Relationships
by Joyce Oetting
The first memory I have of growing up with my sisters was sharing a bedroom and telling silly stories way past our bedtime--making each other laugh and earning a series of stern lectures from our parents. Our lives were typical of many. We played together, dreamed together, and supported each other through the trials and tribulations of childhood: the first loves, the heartbreaks, the successes, and the failures.

by Gwen Garr
The last six months had been one 'first' after another. At thirty-seven years old, you'd think 'firsts' were over for her. And for a long while, there didn't seem to be any more 'firsts' in sight. But, that was before her husband up and left her.

Onyx Moon
by Kelly Boyer Sagert
I possess a moon carved from onyx. Smooth bands of tan intersperse glossy gradations approaching the purity of white, and I love to linger my fingers over its slickness. Each time, however, that I touch one of the moon's corners where it curves towards fullness, I'm startled anew by the sharpness.

Boys Will be Boys
by Sheri McGregor
Must a parent always play the heavy? I don't think so. If I did, I'd never relax. In my house, I'd be playing the heavy almost every day.

From Psychoanalysis: The Magic and the Lie: Diary of A Five-Day-A-Week Analysis
by Esther Altshul Helfgott
This is a quitting day. Some quitting days follow the previous week's loving days. But this one follows last week's hating days; and, as with the hating week, I forget to remember why it is I'm quitting. I know I am though, and he knows I know I am. He waits.

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