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Something to Claim

by Ashley E. Underell

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It has become clich‚, that generation X has had nothing to claim to as far as national tragedy. We aren't our parents; we didn't fight, or watch Vietnam. We were not around when our grandparents witnessed the holocaust, and we weren't even there when the world fell into a deep depression. We even missed Pearl Harbor. Some of us remember Kuwait; however, we have always been told, "it wasn't a real war."

Here we are. Generation X, witnesses to the greatest tragedy most of us have been alive to learn about. When I have spoken to my parents and my friends that are over forty, there is complacency within the discussion, as if they have been here before. They have seen mass destruction, death, major catastrophe, and somehow, they know how to cope a little, if not a lot, better than we, the misplaced Gen. Xer's.

The coverage alone has been too much to take in. The lost innocence that some of us swore we had. The threat that there is nowhere safe to be, and the darkness that haunts our nation is beyond comprehension, at the very least, my own. The feeling of hopelessness has never felt more powerful than it seems to today. There is even the question of where do we go? What do we do? How can we help? It is such a major loss of control, on all of our parts, but even more so a defining moment in time, that we never even had control to begin with.

I have been searching all day to find someone to talk to, and I cannot get past the sadness I see in all eyes, everywhere. I drive through the streets of Denver, and there is a swelling emotion of desperate remorse; mixed with fear, anger, confusion and a fierce capital " W " WHY?

Though we are grown up enough to know that there are not always explanations to everything, there is still the hanging question mark; I have a feeling maybe we are never old enough to understand.

So, now, unfortunately, Generation X, whatever that means exactly, I am not sure. But now, we are the generation that will never forget watching human missiles shoot through the World Trade Buildings. We will never forget the smoke and fire that billowed through the city of New York, as we watched fellow Americans run with nowhere to go. We will be the kids that are no longer just the children of divorce. We now have something to claim, like it or not.

Flags of international groupings, including United Nations, NATO, and more, with US flag in the middle

Ashley E. Underell was born in Denver, lived in San Diego for 16 years, graduated from Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO, and writes fiction, Nonfiction, poetry, and short stories. An activist for stricter gun legislation, Ashley is a marketing coordinator for New Light Media, an organization in partnership with the Matthew Shepard Foundation that focuses on combating hate in society. Currently, Ashley Underell lives in Denver. She loves to travel, spend time with her dog Luna, and write.

Flags of international groupings, including United Nations, NATO, and more, with US flag in the middle

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Flags of international groupings, including United Nations, NATO, and more, with US flag in the middle

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