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(excerpted from Moon Lodge Visions: An Acceleration Handbook)

  1. Accept assistance. Get help with what you are doing now. Be willing to let something go when you are overwhelmed. Conquer any fear of collaboration or of asking for help. Look closely at why you feel you have to do everything yourself. You will find some type of fear operating that is keeping beneficial help from reaching you. During this next 30 days, make it a discipline to ask for help at least once a day.
  2. Visualize it. Dedicate time daily to visualizing what you wish to create and spend time doing some type of practice or review of what you have done. Commit to doing something every day. Do not set a rigid amount that must be done. For example, one sentence written well makes for a more successful day than twenty pages written poorly. Develop a healthy respect for the act of visualization and write it into your daily schedule.
  3. Seek non-human assistance. Ask for a totem animal to help you manifest your dreams and to show you the best way to proceed. Make a list of the skills you need, and announce to the Spirit that you would like a "power" animal to teach you. The animal may appear in your life. The Spider is one of my most influential totems and appears a great deal when I am writing. If the concept of Totem, or Power Animal is new to you, you might enjoy reading Animal Speak or Animal Wise by Ted Andrews. It opened a wonderful world of wisdom and non-linear thinking for me and it might do the same for you.
  4. Avoid squandering energies. If you cannot focus on the chosen aspect, let it go and do something else. If you are blocked, let go for a while and come back to the project later. In the past, this has been hard for me to do. The more I wanted something to work, the more driven I tended to be. Years of operating that way have taught me that more productivity can be achieved by shifting attention away from the goal so desperately desired. It balances the creative flow. Take a break when you least feel that you can afford to stop.
  5. Release expectations. Understand that Spirit may have a way of bringing the whole thing together in a way your personality self has never even considered. Don't tie the hands of your highest self by insisting on a certain sequence of events. Trust that God will unfold the perfect result. If you can take the position of the "interested observer" it will be easier to let God work in your life. Consider how it would be if you tried to fly an airplane from your seat in the middle of the plane. How clear would your vision of the entire sky be from that perspective? It is better to trust the pilot.
  6. Be willing to take it "one step at a time." Get used to not being able to see the next step. It will be revealed when you have done the work needed in the present moment. Jumping ahead is one of the biggest energy drains I can imagine. It's like trying to go 100 miles an hour with your foot on the brake. You'll make a stink and burn up your tires.
  7. Practice "good will gestures." Find someone to encourage, to lift up or support. You will receive back what you give out. Support will be there when you need it. You may be familiar with "Random Acts of Kindness" or the more recent movement "Pay It Forward." Both rekindling a much older tradition: Do unto others what you would have them do unto you. These ideas keep re-emerging because they represent higher truth. It's an amazing truth. Do something nice every day for the next 30 days.
  8. Use conscious speech! Watch how you speak about what you want to create - choose your words and images carefully. Don't push your ideas onto other people. Share only with those who will support, encourage, and gently challenge your weak points from a position of support. Your body hears every word you say about your health. Your mind hears every word you say about your abilities and skills. Your cellular memory records everything you think about yourself, whether you speak it out loud or not. Instead of saying "I'm terrible at public speaking" try "In the past, I've been challenged by public speaking. I am learning to be comfortable sharing my truth and awareness with others." This literally programs your mind to put your challenges where they belong - in the past. It helps focus your thinking toward the future in a positive way.
  9. Do something nourishing for yourself everyday. Make a point of doing this. It doesn't have to be a big thing. A long hot bath is one of my favorite gifts to myself. Affirm yourself. "I deserve to receive this vision into reality". Open your channels for receiving more goodness and success. When you stop punishing yourself for work not done or results not achieved, you begin to release the taskmaster that has kept you enslaved to linear time results and projections. Those realities are there but they are not the law. They are guidelines and guidelines change. Be willing to enjoy wherever you are, even if that is not where you "think" you should be or not where you projected you would be by a particular moment in time.
  10. End the day when the day ends. Maybe the most important tip of all -- Let the day go at the end of the day, without judgement or negative self-talk. Thank yourself for doing your best with your time, release any unfinished business to God and ask for dreamtime teachings, healing and help as you fall off to sleep.

Neva is a Reiki Master/Teacher, wellness counselor, visionary author, and intuitive reader. She utilizes Reiki, reflexology, Spiritual improvisation, Original Essence Recovery (inner child healing), transformative sound, EPT, apostolic healing, herbology, therapeutic enzymes, essential oils, flower essences, Star Nation connections, transformational sound, Shamanic Journey techniques and intuitive counseling and readings to enlighten others. Neva is author of "Moon Lodge Visions: An Acceleration Handbook" and 3 original card decks. She is Vice-president of A Place of the Heart Spiritual Center in Northeastern Tennessee. She has most recently created two gemstone essences and a tree essence set called "The WaterTree Process" and is co-creator of the SunMoon Flower Essence and Totem Essence sets, with friend and fellow healer Loretta Rogers.

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