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Being a writer takes more than a good vocabulary and natural talent. Aside from the act of writing itself, as well as business matters, writers must find ways to replenish creative thought, and nurture spiritual energy. A Reiki Master/Teacher and wellness counselor, Neva Howell shares her spiritual expertise in a thirty-day program presented in this issue of Rising Stars, in the form of the Top Ten List. Read the Top Ten Ways to Boost Success and Creativity: A Spiritual Approach.

Literary Terms
A collection of literary terms compiled by the Rising Stars staff for the benefit and ease of beginning writers. These words and definitions are the foundation for a writer's vocabulary. Understanding these terms and being able to use them enables a writer to better understand responses to their work, which is vital in revising a piece as well as improving general writing skills.

Keeping peace in the family is not always an easy task. Divorce rates rise while commitments such as "For Better or Worse" fall broken and forgotten. High school student and aspiring writer, Elise Tanner, shares her thoughts on family, arguments, and endurance in this touching essay.

Strength can be defined in a number of ways. When it's defined as strength of character, it touches the lives of everyone around you. Please read "It's not just pain anymore. It's a Disease" to learn how one woman's strength of character has effected her daughter.

In this mystic and prolific piece of poetry, aspiring writer, Joni Hendry, breaks free from the ties which keep her grounded. Read the secrets Joni Hendry discovered in her aspirations to "Tether No More".

Glimpses of one woman's appreciation of Fall are poetically placed in this piece of writing from aspiring writer, Joni Hendry. Celebrate the season with the essence of Autumn in Joni Hendry's "Fall".

On the foundations of fiction, Tara Moeller spins a web of family conflict, societal stress, and personal transformation, in her story, "Mythology".

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