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Reclaiming Birth for Our Daughters
by Lesley Smyth
Since the beginning of time, women have been the traditional custodians of birth. We have possessed all the innate knowledge, powerand wisdom necessary to bring our babies into this world... In the spaceof three short generations, birth has been stolen from women, sanitized of emotion and spirituality and repackaged as a medical procedure.

Are you a Feminist or a Masculinist?
by Dayna Berghan
My friend didn't know many people when he came to Victoria so would startup conversations. He has had some interesting reactions when he told people that he was doing Women's Studies.

I Pledge To Be a Better Me
by Julia Rosien
During the last days of the old year I usually compile a list of resolutions that I promptly disregard away January 2'nd. This year I'm trying something different. Instead of making resolutions during the bony thin days of winter, when my soul aches for comfort not resolve, I've decided to do it nowin the heavy, bountiful days of autumn. While I enjoy the abundance of plump,juicy vegetables and fruits from my garden I'll linger onthoughts that keepme closer to my authentic self.

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