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I Pledge To Be a Better Me
by Julia Rosien

During the last days of the old year I usually compile a list of resolutions that I promptly disregard January 2nd. This year I'm trying something different. Instead of making resolutions during the bony thin days of winter, when my soul aches for comfort, not resolve, I've decided to do it now in the heavy, bountiful days of autumn. While I enjoy the abundance of plump, juicy vegetables and fruits from my garden I'll linger on thoughts that keep me closer to my authentic self. I'll worry less about the shoulda's, coulda' s, and woulda's that clutter my consciousness and concentrate on what supports my soul and nurtures my creative spirit.

Have a look at my resolutions and see if there's anything here you might like to resolve to do.

  1. Embrace my bra size, be it triple A or double D.
  2. Think about the injustices of the world while making supper. After the kids are in bed, log on to
  3. Donate my old magazines to a homeless shelter.
  4. Save a life, adopt a homeless animal and have it neutered --
  5. Learn what really happened at Auschwitz, and explain to the kids why Veteran's (USA) and Remembrance (Canada) Day should be celebrated. Log on to
  6. Explore my senses: sleep in the nude on satin sheets.
  7. Turn the computer off, and handwrite some thank-you cards.
  8. Write in my journal by candlelight at least once a week.
  9. Take my kids to a soup kitchen, old age home or homeless shelter, and volunteer for the afternoon.
  10. Donate blood. Call (800) GIVE-LIFE.
  11. Wear shoes that don't give me blisters, backaches or otherwise limit my ability to walk.
  12. Teach my kids how to play license plate bingo.
  13. Make popcorn without a microwave.
  14. Participate in an AIDS walk with my kids:
  15. Read the same novel my son is reading and discuss it with him.
  16. Make sure guys and gals share dish duty at the next family dinner.
  17. Tape my daughter singing "You Are My Sunshine."
  18. Amaze my kids with please, thank-you, and God bless in different languages:
  19. Make every day earth day:
  20. Find out who said, "Well behaved women rarely make history."
  21. Save a tree -- make my own paper:
  22. Color with my children and use pink for the leaves.
  23. "Meditation"
    by Cat Johnston

    Buy a fancy birthday cake and serve it for breakfast -- for no reason at all.
  24. Explore different faiths; attend a new church with my kids.
  25. Lock my bedroom door, take of my clothes and look in the mirror. Smile at myself and say "I'm beautiful."
  26. Take a tour of my local art gallery and discover how curvy beautiful women used to be considered.
  27. Eat a different fruit every morning and a different vegetable every afternoon for a week.
  28. Experience catharsis -- rent a tearjerker, cry my eyes out, and then discover my life isn't as bad as I thought.
  29. Listen more, talk less.
  30. Learn how to make my own essential oil perfume:
  31. Learn why some men are obsessed with their bodies:
  32. Videotape my parents playing with my kids.
  33. Don't check my e-mail for a whole day.
  34. Call the number on the package insert when a product, whether cling wrap or mold remover, doesn't work as advertised.
  35. Know when to break the rules and when to follow them.
  36. Find out how famous people got where they are:
  37. Learn what the difference is between HIV and AIDS:
  38. Go ice skating without skates.
  39. Diet because I want to feel better, not because I want to be thinner.
  40. Sing "Hit Me Baby One More Time" out loud while folding the laundry.
  41. Swear I'll never wear a thong again.
  42. Clean out my closets and hold a garage sale.
  43. Discover a new recipe for chocolate chip cookies:
  44. Eat a giant, gooey, triple fudge piece of cake and forget to feel an ounce of guilt about it.
  45. Read Nelson Mandela's inaugural speech of 1994:
  46. Don't spread gossip -- let it end with me.
  47. Teach another adult to read:
  48. Discover how my food lives:
  49. Never go to sleep angry.

Julia Rosien earns a living as a freelance writer in southern Ontario. Her husband, four children and two spoiled cats provide continual fodderfor her essays and articles. Currently she teaches grade ten horticultureat a correctional facility for women and creative writing at a community college. Her work has appeared across Canada and the US in magazines such as The Christian Science Monitor, Whispers from Heaven, The Canada Lutheran,and Pregnancy. She is the Assistant Opinions Editor for Moondance and maybe reached at

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